In the year 2000 we were your average dog owners feeding kibble, mostly because we didn’t know any better.  After all, that’s what those fancy commercials tell you to feed right?  When our Vizsla was 1.5 years old he started getting ill.  Turns out he had a neurological disease that affected his ability to walk, eat and live his life like a normal dog.  The vets were stumped and the University of Guelph small animal research centre had never seen the issue before.  A graduate student ended up doing her thesis paper on our dog.  Case History

We ended up working with a holistic vet that put us onto the concept of feeding raw.  Once on the diet our dog slowly recovered and with a maintenance dose of meds and his new diet, he went onto lead another 7 happy years with an excellent standard of living (Lucky is pictured top left).

When we first started looking for a pre-made frozen raw food however they were few and far between and very expensive.  We stumbled upon MDF at a pet show in Toronto and they were looking for local distributors so we signed up.  We found that Mountain Dog Food is the best value packed alternative for our animals and we are happy to share that finding with those that value their companion animals.


Mountain Dog Food...

At Pawsitive Pet Nutrition we sell raw pet foods to dedicated pet owners  interested in feeding their animals the way nature intended.  Its not cooked, processed, or altered in any way your animals digestive track doesn’t understand.